Month: February 2017

Computer Tips For Building A Website

Tips For Building A Website

A website has to be designed in a manner where it attracts traffic and provides value.

Many prospective site owners are unable to understand the nuances of this process and therefore make mistakes that could have been avoided.

What does it take to build the perfect website that will run well and look great?


Let’s take a look at three tips that are needed for those who are building a new website and want to get it right. As long as these tips are followed, the website should look great and run well.

1) Relevant Content Goes “Above The Fold”

The main content on your site has to be above the fold. This means the traffic coming in should not have to scroll down to find what they are looking for.

Don’t stuff everything above the fold, but look to get the most important parts of your content into that region of the site.

It will help a lot in making the site look and run the way you want.

2) Don’t Ignore Usability Of Site

How easy is the site to use? Do the pages load as quickly as they need to?

Can people access the site from their mobile devices or are they restricted to desktops?

You want the site to be easily accessible at all times, or traffic is going to be cut down.

This might be a tip you have to put at the top of the list because a site that is unusable is not going to do much for the site owner.

3) Keep Things Neat

A website that has an elongated domain name, excessively long content and too many links is never appreciated. The clutter gets in the way, and people don’t like going through a site such as this.

Why not go with something that is going to remain as neat as possible?

This will ensure the website looks the way you want it to and is going to run as the traffic wants. You don’t want to confuse people with a cluster of links, text, and images.

These are the tips you will want to think about as you are building a new site. You want to go through everything and plan out your design before putting it together. This will help you out in the long-run and lead to a website that is appreciated by one and all. After the site is complete, your next task will be to get traffic to the website by optimizing it via SEO.